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5 Things You Will Wish You Knew Before Botox

Botox is a long-time popular procedure in the cosmetic industry. With over millions of people getting Botox every year, it is no wonder why this non-surgical treatment doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. However, there are still some things you should know before you decide if Botox is right for you.

Here are 5 things you will wish you knew before Botox.

Find the Right Provider

When deciding to get Botox, your first task is to contact a reputable plastic surgeon. However, you do have the option to receive Botox at spas and other providers. The process of Botox is fairly simple as all you will need is a trained medical professional. Keep in mind that if the injection is done wrong, you will experience negative side effects of the procedure.

Do Your Research

Before you meet with your provider, do your research and read the review of plastic surgeons in your area. Always ask for before and after pictures when you visit for a consultation. The risk will always outweigh the benefits if someone is trying to charge you for a discount.

Expect Bruising

Patients will most likely experience minimal pain. However, there may also be some mild swelling, redness, and bruising after the injection. The reaction is compared to getting a shot as the swelling will last around five minutes.

What to expect

When done correctly, Botox should provide you with a youthful look. However, the results will take a few days before they start to appear. Most patients will begin to see the results after four years and continue to improve around two weeks. However, Botox is not a lifetime treatment as the effects will only last around four months to a year.

Get Rid of Botox

If you have experienced any complications from Botox or not happy with your results, you will have to wait it out. Getting rid of Botox will require both time and patience. As the average lifespan of Botox is about four months while the results will start to wear off around two months after the procedure.

Do you plan on getting Botox? What is your thought on the treatment? Comment below and let us know!